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Propellor // Flight


Flight explores the worlds of birds, soundscape ecology and music. The 12-piece ensemble Propellor and its director Jack McNeill, invite the listener to join them as they dive into ideas about how we listen, what we listen to, and why it matters.

Following the amazing migratory journeys of three birds, and a musical ensemble trying out new ways of making music together. Flight is also a personal journey about new fatherhood, uncovering connections between the soundscape ecology of everyday lives, where listening to the health of the world around us, can tell us much more than our eyes alone. A collaboration with best-selling author Mark Cocker, Leafcutter John and a host of fascinating guests, Flight is Propellor's most ambitious project to date. 

"Flight is a rare bird –– a podcast that pushes the boundaries of sound-speech-music collaboration, fusing beauty, passion and politics into a fascinating, immersive exploration of birds and people." (Robert MacFarlane)

"What a joy to tumble into the sound world of Propellor’s Flight - a mesmeric auditory journey into bird migration, landscape and the art of listening. It bubbles with scientific enquiry, sonic wonder and reflections on our uneasy human coexistence with greater-than-human life. And through it all, tugging at your hand, such vivid new music." (Karine Polwart)

Flight is supported by Arts Council England, Brewery Arts (Kendal) and Propellor's Kickstarter community.